“All forces on the street”

In der Ukraine kämpft das Volk für die europäische Zukunft des Landes. Während die Medien sonst Klitschko und Tymoschenko als Opposition zum korrupten Yanukowytsch-System zeigen, interviewte der move-Chefredakteur den Generalsekretär der jungen Oppositionspartei ‚Democratic Alliance‘, Andrii Sydorenko, zu den Straßenaktionen auf dem Euromaidan und Verantwortung und Transparenz in der Ukraine.

On the Maidan. Olexiy Girchenko, member of Democratic Alliance, in action. Source: Democratic Alliance

On the Maidan. Andrii Sydorenko, Democratic Alliance, in action. Source: Democratic Alliance

Since one month the Ukrainian people is demonstrating at the central square in Kiev against the current government and for closer partnership and association with the European Union.

What’s the role of the „Democratic Alliance“ in this demonstration? What do you want to achieve with your engagement?

The Democratic Alliance political party from the very outset took the responsibility for holding “euromaidans” in all regional centers of the country. In the most regions euromaidans have been created and continue to be coordinated by the activists of the party. Party Chairman Vasyl Gatsko from the beginning was a member of the euromaidan coordinating board in Kiev and now he is a member of the Presidium of the National Association organisation «Maidan», which was formed according to the results of the national Assembly on 22 December with the aim of deepening and expanding and further coordination of euromaidan activities.

The main requirement of the Democratic Alliance is not only the signing of the Association agreement, but, first of all, the resignation of Yanukovych and the dissolution of the Parliament.

We understand that the individual officials‘ removal won‘t change the situation – that‘s just an attempt to resolve the situation with minimal losses for the government. Although removal of the Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor General, could undermine the regime before the elections 2015.

Every day activists of Democratic Alliance hold protest actions, rallies, as well as the mobilization campaign. Only in December in Kiev we have organized more than 50 activities, among which:

1. Information campaigns which main aim is to convey true information about what’s happening in the country, because there is a severe information blockade in the mass media.

2. Mobilization and activation campaigns to attract a wider circle of people to protest.

3. Measures for the release of the illegally detained citizens

• round-the-clock picketing of the General Prosecutor’s office during the week demanding to release detained activists during the beating at the Maidan. Daily to the Prosecutor’s office were organized thousands of columns of people, the lying protests in front of the building of the Prosecutor’s office were held twice.

• of support at the Court of Appeal, which lasted for five days during the holding pleas of all the detainees. The actions at the Prosecutor’s office and the Court gave the results – 8 of 9 guys was released from the custody.

Lying protests in front of the building of the Prosecutor's office in Kiev. Source: Democratic Alliance

Lying protests in front of the building of the Prosecutor’s office in Kiev. Source: Democratic Alliance

4. Action directed against the oligarchs who support the regime with the demand to stop the support:

• pickets near offices and private houses of the oligarchs who finance Yanukovych’s regime

• campaign that appeals to people not to use the services of enterprises and organizations that belong to these oligarchs.

5. The events aimed to punish of those who are responsible for beatings and harassment of the activists (near the Prosecutor’s office, interior Ministry, national security Council)

Since when are you, personally, involved in the demonstration? What are your tasks at the protests? How does your daily life looks like since the beginning of the demonstrations?

News about euromaidan I got being in Europe. After three days I arrived to Ukraine and joined the activity. I’m the General Secretary of the the Democratic Alliance party, thus I’m responsible for the organization of the inner-party work. However, all the forces right now are primarily concentrated on the street actions and mobilization campaign. The schedule for the majority of the members of the party became almost round the clock. Sometimes in one day we hold 5 different large-scale events, some of them focus on the organization of several thousand’s rallies. Of course, this day regimen requires the maximum impact for all.

Andrii Sydorenko, General Secretary of Democratic Alliance political party, at a rally in Kiev. Source: Democratic Alliance

Andrii Sydorenko, General Secretary of Democratic Alliance political party, at a rally in Kiev. Source: Democratic Alliance

On that photo you are speaking to the crowd via megaphone. What were you saying to the people there?

Actually, now I have a lot of this kind of photos. It can be a few speeches during one day. But the main essence of all of them was that the government that carries out repressions against citizens, is not able to provide the promised implementations of the European course of the country and for a long time had not implemented the effective socio-economic reforms must resign and those, who are guilty in the persecution of activists should bear criminal responsibility.

The „Democratic Alliance“ is just a small party in the Ukraine. The programme is not much more than pro-European and anti-corruption. What’s your personal motivation to be part of this movement?

Democratic Alliance is a young party of progressive young people who have an efficient way of thinking and live with European values. These are people who have passed a long way of public activities and for many years struggled with the theft of state and local budgets. The main priority for us is to develop innovative solutions for the development of the state.

We are independent from the oligarchs and exist solely on donations from ordinary citizens. This requires us to be as transparent as possible and to listen to the needs of people, not to work in the interest of individual industrial groups.

In Germany Vitali Kiltchko is well known and has a high reputation because of his boxing career. For the German people he is an alternative to Yanukovych. Do you think he could unite the opposition and lead the Ukraine to a more democratic and wealthy country with strong relations to the EU?

Klitchko undoubtedly is one of those who could unite the people. However, the question is whether the opposition is able to choose and to support a single candidate for the Presidential elections. We believe that it will happen soon and not necessarily that it must be one of the leaders of the three parliamentary opposition parties. Otherwise struggle with Yanukovych in the Presidential elections will be extremely difficult.

When the protests on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti will end problems won’t be solved easily. Corruption will continue, the energy dependency on Russia will still exist and the people of the Ukraine is divided into pro- and anti-European. What are the plans for a Ukraine without Yanukovych, for example?

Without Yanukovych it‘ll be easier to break the corrupt system, to control the new politicians. Right now Maidan stands not for politicians, but for the new standards, that’s why the people will be more active in the fight against corruption and more exacting in respect of reforms. One of the key program initiatives, which offers Democratic Alliance, is precisely the mechanisms which minimize the possibility of corruption, namely:

1. „Open Budget“
You can follow the processes of formation, distribution and execution of budgets of all levels online. Each payment made at the expense of taxpayers is to be public.

2. „Fair Procurement“
State procurement is carried through the Internet and the best price offers are determined by the mechanism of trading to reduce price. Officials are required to find the best deal on the market. The procedure of single source procurement is to be cancelled.

3. „Transparent Property“
Land and facilities located on it are to be inventoried. Access to information about them is to be free. Corrupt officials no longer have the opportunity to hide the loot.

4. „Electronic Government“
State provides Internet users with its services through governmental portal. You can register a company, receive a certificate without the direct interaction with the officials. Bribes and handouts are no longer relevant. Everyone has an access to the global network, even the least populated area.

5. „Public Control“
The public has an opportunity to control the planning and implementation of costs at the expense of taxpayers.

6. „Responsible Officials”
Non recurring expenses of officials for the amount of more than 50% of their salaries are to be declared. The single register of corrupt officials is to become public. Those who got into the register are not eligible to hold positions in government bodies or local governments

How do you see the Ukraine in 2020?

It’s not so important how I see Ukraine in 2020, the most important is what is happening in Ukraine now. If we won‘t lose what have already received and increase our activity and dynamics in the fight against corrupt regime, Ukraine has all the chances to become one of the leading European countries very soon.

More information about the Democratic Alliance political party: https://www.facebook.com/DemAlliance.org


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